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The Aston Martin Vanquish Volante is the latest in a long line of V12 Aston convertibles - a range known more for its supermodel good looks and posing prowess than pin sharp handling.

Still, It gets the same 565bhp, 6.0-litre V12 as the Vanquish coupe and an identical 0-62mph time as well - 4.2 seconds. Could this be the convertible to buck the trend?

Well, it's one of the best-looking Aston's ever, for a start. The designers have kept the gorgeous carbon fixed rear wing while the roof folds away in 14 seconds.

It does weigh over 100kg more than the coupe, though, and the two stage dampers have been softened up ever so slightly - which means it flows on these smooth California roads but will feel a bit brittle back in the UK.

In terms of performance, it rides more like a Bentley GT than a Ferrari F12, in other words, performance is effortless rather than explosive. It's a gorgeous car, but not the sharpest tool in Aston's box. In terms of performance, the V12 Vantage S is your next best bet.

It's hard not to be seduced by the glamour of the Vanquish Volante. Is it worth £200,00? Watch the video review and see.
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