FM7:Lamborghini diablo gtr vs Dodge viper srt vs Ferrari 458 Italia vs 16’ Audi r8 v10 plus

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Hello guys welcome back to another videos of drag races. Thank you guys so much for 360 subscribers I’m very happy. So we have the Lamborghini Diablo gtr. A old Lamborghini that has really fast acceleration and and quickly top at 200mph and only producing 590hp. Next we have the Dodge viper srt. A v10 muscle car that has supercar like specifications that can keep up with cars such as a Lamborghini. Nezt we have the ferrari 458. A gamechanger to the supercar community in the 2010s. Finally the audi r8 v10 plus. A car that has the same specs as the Huracan due to having the same engine as it.
Who will win?
Also thanks to ahmad galal, zemflo97, and jalen galloway for the help.
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