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Hyundai i10 review:

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The Hyundai i10 is the company's third attempt at a small city carto rival the likes of the Volkswagen up!, Skoda Citigo and Toyota Aygo. This one's bigger than ever before, but it's still a great city car - and it's posher than ever, too.

This all-new Hyundai i10 is more practical than ever, with lots of door space for big water bottles, a big glovebox and storage in the centre console as well. Four adults will fit in the car too, and the boot is the biggest in the class - a whole one litre more than the VW up!.

The old i10 was quite noisy but this new one really impressive when it comes to refinement. Extra seals on the doors and on the bulkhead behind the dash mean it's really isolated from wind and engine noise when you're inside the car.

The ride is quite soft, too, so there's a little bit of body roll, but the supportive seats mean it's still comfortable when going round a fast corner. It rides so well it could be mistaken for a larger car, and not just somethign like a Ford Fiesta - maybe even a class above that. So despite being a lot more refined, it's nice that the i10 is still quite good fun to drive.

It's not often you find a small car like this that has a tight turning circle and city driving credentials that also has a good amount of steering feel. Thanks to disc brakes front and back the stopping power is good too, and it really imspires confidence in the i10.

The steering wheel, the plastic on these switches, gearknob and handbrake all feel nice and posh, but everything else is made from quite hard plastic. It's a clever use of materials because you don't actually notice the bad bits when you're driving the i10.

The colour schemes available for the interior are a big part of that too - they are eye-catching and you can choose between four different colours that match the exterior paintwork.

So not only is the best i10 Hyundai has ever made, it might just be Hyundai's best ever car. Plus, it's the first of 22 new Hyundai models coming the next four years, so other manufactuers ought to be worried.
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